+ How does Herb Urban Smart Garden work?

Herb Urban monitors the growing environment and provides a controlled release of plant food into an aqua store when required by the plants. This ensures the plants always have access to optimal nutrients and water keeping them in optimal health. Healthy plants are packed with more flavour and more nutrients, plus you get to eat straight from the source!

The Herb Urban is very easy to use. Simply look at the light, if the blue light is on refill until it turns off. The Herb Urban Smart Garden will take care of the rest.

+ What can I grow in the Herb Urban Smart Garden?

You can grow pretty much anything you would grow in a standard Herb or Veggie Garden, all the favourites like Basil, Mint, Thyme, Oregano, Tomatoes, Sage, Spinach love the Herb Urban. While our focus is on food you can also use the Herb Urban to grow indoor plants, ornamentals, flowers and other herbaceous plants (herbaceous means a plant that does not form a woody stem or trunk :)

+ How often do I have to water the plants?

The beauty of the Herb Urban is that it takes care of watering and feeding your plants for you so you do not need to directly water the plants, ever. You will need to keep the Herb Urban topped up with water and plant food the timing of this varies from installation to installation based on the quantity and size of plants and also time of year (plants drink and eat more in summer) but on average we aim to create systems that in the peak of summer require topping up no more than once a fortnight.

+ I've tried growing herbs and veggies before but they end up crispy, how can the Herb Urban Smart Garden help?

The Herb Urban takes the guess work out of growing your own plants. Using a microcontroller and sensors the Herb Urban has been designed for one task, to make sure your plants get all they need, when they need it. Most gardening, especially container gardening, fails due to lack of water or plant nourishment, or, both. The soil in the containers quickly become depleted of any nutrients and after many dry cycles quickly become hydrophobic (they dont take on water) this means your plants quickly perish as they fail to get what they need. The Herb Urban Smart Garden has been designed to ensure your plants are always receiving tip top nourishment.