About Herb

HerbUrban is a smart gardening system that self-regulates water and plant food to give maximum yield with minimal effort. It allows you to grow fresh, healthy, tasty food at home with little to no maintenance. We can customise to suit just about any space.


Why Herb?

You won't need to spend time watering and fertilising. Your garden won’t need to spend energy looking for water or nutrients. It can put that energy to use growing stronger and healthier. Healthier plants in the garden are more nutritious on the table.

HerbUrban has been extensively tested with hundreds of plants. We know it works. No gimmicks. Healthy, flavourful, produce at your fingertips.

How Does Herb Work?

The HerbUrban ensures plant health by using a micro-controller to read data from sensors in the planter boxes, determines what your plants need and then delivers it. Infinitely scale-able HerbUrban can produce healthy, great tasting food for you, your family or your business.

Get Herb. Grow. Eat.



The installation below was built for a family of four on a small block in Maryville, Newcastle. Not having much space for a traditional garden, a busy lifestyle and two kids under five, Erin and Lucas wanted to be able to provide nutritious food to the family, easily. Since installation Herb has been feeding the family non-stop. It also turns out Herb is an educator, the kids have become more aware of gardening and where food comes from. They have become more connected with the life cycle of plants and to a greater extent nature. Welcoming birds and bees into the garden and seeing them go to work pollinating the abundance of flowers.

01 One week.jpg

Week 1

One week after planting all seedlings are looking green and healthy.


Week 2

Two weeks after planting the plants have really bedded in and the growing has started.

Week 3

Three weeks on and the plants are really going for it. The Dill, Coriander and Basil are ready to be eaten straight from the garden. The Strawberries, Tomatoes and Cucumbers are setting fruit. 



The sunchaser

The Sunchaser is the perfect apartment, office or cafe garden. A self contained unit on wheels it can be easily maneuvered on you balcony or patio. It can be customised to your specific look.  This one is providing herbs, chilies, strawberries and salad greens to guys in a workshop in Islington, Newcastle. Wheeled out to soak up the rays during the day and back in off the street at night.

We call it The Sunchaser for two reasons;

1. it's mobility, allowing it to be placed where plants can get maximum sun but moved to the side when space is needed.

2. The Sunchaser can be paired with a solar panel so it can keep your plants fed and watered off the grid.

custom DESIGN

A custom HerbUrban setup can be designed to meet your needs. Not a lot of space? No problem. HerbUrban can be easily stacked both vertically and horizontally to best suit your space.


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